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Day 75 – 75,000 Words and Mission:Impossible!

Mission: ImpossibleOn Thursday night, I sat down to do my hour. A few minutes later, I was overcome with a wave of nausea. It was kind of like that scene in Mission: Impossible (the first movie) where the tech goes into the locked room, and then the drug kicks in, and he has to leave. Except in the end, I wasn’t sick like that, though I certainly wasn’t well.

Yesterday, got some work in and felt better, but increasingly worse as the day wore on, so didn’t get my hour in there either.

(Incidentally, when I did get back to my office, there was a huge, black, military-style bowie knife stuck into my desk. Instinctively I looked up; the laser motion sensors were still working in the drop ceiling. Weird. But if Tom Cruise happens to come out with novel in the next few months, you know what happened…) Continue reading

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