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Day 484 – Why Do You Read?

Was your Christmas merry? Did you have a happy holidays? Ours might have been too good – I’ve been a lazy, lazy boy as of late. I’ve been seeing more of the family though, and balance is what it’s all … Continue reading

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Yeah, What Seth Godin Said…

Read this in a blog post by Seth Godin over this morning’s coffee: “I think it’s inevitable that publishing is going to move in this direction–hardcover collectibles for those that want them, digital for those in search of the ideas.” … Continue reading

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Convergences & Connecticutions – Day 193

After too long away, I finally got a chance to get some work on my novel this morning. I’ve been itching, let me tell you. Irritated even, at not being able to work on it. But the book is never … Continue reading

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Poke the Box, Or Who’s Shacking Up in the Book Industry? – Day 184

Got my copy of Seth Godin’s Poke the Box yesterday. That’s it there, in the cellophane wrapper. It will likely stay that way too for a few days until I get some time to open it. For me, this is … Continue reading

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Train Keeps On Rolling… – Day 178

As they say, the light at the end of the tunnel I mentioned earlier this week was indeed a freight train. Yes, I finished a couple of big projects this week, but picked up a couple more. And several others … Continue reading

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Day 117 – New Day (and Year) Dawning

Thursday I posted that Seth Godin has decided to self-publish. A friend sent me to a link to the blog of another author, Lee Goldberg (writer of the Monk series, books and TV) who is also pondering the self-publishing route. … Continue reading

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Day 115 – A Tribe Called Seth

Seth Godin, if you haven’t heard of him, is considered to be one of the “marketing gurus” (air quotes alert!) of our time. He’s written about a dozen books such as All Marketers are Liars and Tribes. As he describes … Continue reading

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