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The Difference Between Published Author and Not

I’m an occasional reader of Chuck Wendig’s blog, Terrible Minds. Although I’ve had him in my blog reader for probably around a year, he really caught my attention last week with an interview with Margaret Atwood. Yes, the Margaret Atwood. I … Continue reading

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Publish or Self-Publish? In Canada, the Question May Soon Be Moot…

Found out just today (where was I this week?) that Douglas & McIntyre are “restructuring”. Although they are still operating normally, filing for bankruptcy protection is never a good thing. The question for Canadian writers is becoming more and more, … Continue reading

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OTF – Thunder Bay YA Writer Lee Chambers’ Free Book Offer!

Met Thunder Bay author Lee Chambers last week on a talk he was doing about self-publishing to a group of Thunder Bay writers, specifically about his new book, The Pineville Heist. Great talk, though there was a wide range of … Continue reading

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OTF: Elmore Leonard on the Publishing Industry (Sort of) and The Hack Novelist

Elmore Leonard is one of the most underrated writers out there. Funny thing is, either you list him in your top five writers, or he’s not on your radar whatsoever. I think part of the problem is that he’s a … Continue reading

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Is Publishing on Kindle Really Self-Publishing?

Kindle has been touted as validation for the self-published author, and for good reason. Now, you can publish your book without fear of rejection (by publishers) or wrangling with editors about where that comma should go – yours really is … Continue reading

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Should Self-Published Authors Get An Advance? – Day 299

There are a couple of self-publishing writers whose blogs I follow who provide some revealing numbers. One in particular, Derek Canyon, has broken down everything from the money he spent in promotions, book covers, etc. He has recently gone into … Continue reading

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Why Publishers Aren’t Obsolete – Day 179

[Please Note: this is Saturday’s post — I’m posting it today though because yesterday got away on me before I could finish it…] Had another productive morning. Got in a short little scene between the two characters that sort of … Continue reading

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Checking In With Amanda Hocking’s Reality – Day 162

The poster-novelist of the epublishing revolution right now is Amanda Hocking. Since she started self-publishing last year (April, I think?), her sales have continued to soar. In December, it was reported she had sold 100,000 copies of her nine published … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Tales – Day 159

A funny thing happened on my Google page. Two completely opposing thoughts on self-publishing appeared side by side. One, by Larry Brooks, is called A Self-Publishing Reality Check. Essentially, Larry says that the problem with self-publishing in general is that … Continue reading

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Is Self-Publishing the Answer for New Writers? – Day 140

JA (Joe) Konrath is a crime fiction writer who has changed 100% to ebooks (well, I believe he still has some copies in print — let’s say his new sales are ebooks). He has several compelling arguments for doing this, … Continue reading

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