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Day 122 – Can’t Get You Outta My Head

So I thought I was finished with the first draft. Turns out the first draft wasn’t finished with me. I’ve been bombarded the last few days with ideas, most of them tidbits, but some of them momentous scenes. Which is … Continue reading

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Day 119 – Finished Writing on First Draft!

I hit a milestone yesterday that I didn’t quite realize until today: I finished writing the first draft! Let me explain… You see, with about eight minutes or so left in the writing session yesterday, I just stopped. I’d finished … Continue reading

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Day 100 – Ahead by a Century

Another awesome writing session. Still bouncing around from vignette to vignette – two major scenes coming up in the coming days that I already have forming in my head. I have a lot of material that I want to get down before I start Draft 2. In fact, the way things are going, I might just patch together more vignettes if they keep coming, maybe all the way through to the end of the book… Continue reading

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Day 98 – This Little Piggy…

This Little PiggyAnother decent session. Got some good conflict going, not to mention ironed out a few more plot points of the final story. It’s interesting, taking this whole approach to writing the story. I really feel like I have room to explore different avenues that I wouldn’t be able to follow if I was locked into a specific framework. I mean, yes, the whole thing will have to fall into a framework eventually. But I guess it’s like packing a travel bag – you get out all the things you want to bring with you first, and then you start deciding what to leave out when you try to fit it all in.

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Day 86 – A Bolt of Blue

Sorry excuse for a word count today. Various reasons – lack of focus is certainly one of them. Also did a bit more “on-the-fly” research than normal, nailing down a few details about a couple of locations (yes, our heros are on the move again…)

That being said, there were some good breakthroughs. I came up with a second working title today. I really like it, but it might just miss the mark. Trying to be ironic, but it’s coming off as cheesy instead. (Happens to me all the time…) Of course, I’ll not decide on a title ’til the whole thing’s finished. Titles always come last in my book (pun definitely intended — also speaks to the cheesy in me, eh?) Continue reading

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