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Is Publishing on Kindle Really Self-Publishing?

Kindle has been touted as validation for the self-published author, and for good reason. Now, you can publish your book without fear of rejection (by publishers) or wrangling with editors about where that comma should go – yours really is … Continue reading

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Are Lawsuits Against Writers About to Rise? – Day 334

One of the services that publishers provide that many self-publishers won’t have access to is legal advice. I figure it’s only a matter of time before some poor writer pays the price. We’ve all heard the stories about “legal” not … Continue reading

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Knocked Unconsciously by Harmonic Convergence – Day 324

Interesting day yesterday. Yes, got some time in on the novel, but not enough to post, hence this one. I’ll start by saying that I am one of those people who has a hard time getting a handle on social … Continue reading

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Should Novel Writing Be More Like Letter Writing? – Day 323

First, to catch up – I’ve been away for about 10 days, taking in the Canadian Prairies with my family. In fact I’m writing this on the plane ride back. I had visions of setting up my computer overlooking some … Continue reading

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