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Day 30 – All Creatures Great And Small

churchThe past couple of days I’ve been hammering out a scene — well, I broke my own rule and rewrote a (small) bit of the stuff I had down already. The reason was because I realized the effect I was looking for wasn’t quite working. Today, I found out how to make it flow better, but it meant reworking what had come before. I briefly wrestled with the moral implications of breaking one of my Cardinal rules. But only briefly. When I had it solid in my head right now, I wasn’t going to risk having it fly out into the ether during the weeks or months before I finally get back to this spot to rewrite… Continue reading

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Day 21 – Save a Prayer

Homer Simpson says "Wa-Hoo!Twenty-one days. Three weeks. 30,000+ words. In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, wa-hoo!

I went back to Day 7 to review what I wrote then in an attempt to latch onto that voice again. It worked somewhat — I wasn’t able to hit exactly that same groove, but I did manage to bend my current direction back into that direction. Very happy for that. Continue reading

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