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Day 43 – Buddy Holly

facebookWow, social mediaed today while I wrote. In other words, chatted with my old friend Sam on Facebook as I zapped in and out of the scene. I felt almost like I was cheating, but (a) I was flipping seamlessly between the two and (b) again, social media’s a big part of this theme, so living it while I was writing it is, I think, perfectly acceptable and even encouraged… Continue reading

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Day 5 – It’s Late…

Got a late start tonight, so I’ll have to make this quick. First, on technicalities — although the date will record this as September 12, I still consider this to be late night September 11, and therefore “today’s” writing. Just in case you were wondering.

A bit of slow going, but I took my own advice and read some Fitzgerald today… Continue reading

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