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The Definition of Irony? – Day 258

Kobo is apparently launching a new touchscreen reader. Kind of cool, I suppose. But what really got me was this Thoreau quote, displayed on the new Kobo without a trace of irony. Of course, there is a difference between the … Continue reading

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Ringing the Sad Death Knell for the Book – Day 149

Let me preface all this by first stating that I embrace change. And then by qualifying it by saying that of course I mean “good” change, and recognizing that like most people (especially over the age of, ahem, 20-ish), change can be difficult for me sometimes.

But when I heard the CBC Radio show Ideas talking about “Closing the Book” – quite literally – I started to get a little nervous. Continue reading

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Is Self-Publishing the Answer for New Writers? – Day 140

JA (Joe) Konrath is a crime fiction writer who has changed 100% to ebooks (well, I believe he still has some copies in print — let’s say his new sales are ebooks). He has several compelling arguments for doing this, … Continue reading

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Day 118 – Kindling

I’ll admit: I thought ebook readers were a fad. Well at least I didn’t think they would replace the book. I thought they’d be one of those novelty things, like the concert settings on your TV and stereo, or the … Continue reading

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The Other Side of the Publishing Coin…

“If you are going to buy a copy of that book in Canada, it’s damn well coming out of my shop.” said Andrew Steeves, publisher at Gaspereau Press, in The Globe and Mail. And he said that before “that book” went from mere Giller Prize short-lister to actual winner…

The book of course is The Sentimentalists, by Johanna Skibsrud. The media may or may not be playing up how frustrated she is with the publisher, but the fact is that this small press cares a lot about books. Actual, physical, books. So much so that it refuses to abandon its 1,000-per-week, hand-crafted method of printing them in order to play into Giller fever. Continue reading

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