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Day 93 – Imagine

The 30th anniversary today. I was there in New York with some very good friends for the 10th anniversary. We had found this little Irish pub for a bit of dinner before going to the park. As happens sometimes when you’re young, dinner often becomes just the mattress in your stomach to cushion the countless ounces of beer, shooters, wine, and whatever else you choose to let free-fall down there… Continue reading

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Day 33 – Strawberry Fields Forever

john-lennonAnother busy family day — got my hour in this morning, but had to take off immediately so I’m posting now.

Not much of import today actually. Worked through the snafu I had putting togehter my latest scene, and I think I resolved all the problems I was foreseeing. The section will require heavy re-writing though — but that’s for another day to worry about. Continue reading

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Day 32 – Imagine

yojohnglassesToday would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday.

When I was in New York last year, there was a special section of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex dedicated to John Lennon. It was put together by Yoko Ono apparently, and was very well done — if not a little disturbing. The room was piano white, with white displays holding clear glass to house such memorabilia photos and records. And the bag of bloody clothes, unopened, that the New York Police Department returned to Yoko… Continue reading

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