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Day 31 – May Day

may-dayHit another interesting question today. How much of my writing time should be spent doing research? Many — perhaps most — days I look up something or other. I mentioned early on that while writing about a location, I used Google Street View to get a visual of the place. I did that again yesterday, and extensively today. It’s interesting, “walking” up the street and seeing what I’d see if I were actually there. Of course the views aren’t perfect, but since I won’t be there any time soon, it will do for now. It’s more than enough to get a sense of the place — it helps in both yesterday’s and today’s cases that I’ve already been to these two places… Continue reading

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“A Few Strong Words” Tops Google Search

A bit of exciting news — today is the first day that Googling “A Few Strong Words” (without quotes) lists this website as its top search return. Almost meaningless in terms of this blog, but in my day job as … Continue reading

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