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Going (Back) to Sugar Mountain

Thunder Bay isn’t exactly a Mecca of the creative, like London or New York or Paris where you can’t flick a fountain pen without globbing indigo on something of literary importance. I guess though that’s true of most small towns. … Continue reading

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What We Do – Day 230

I need to take more showers. Not that I’m dirty or anything. It’s just that, well, I seem to have the BEST ideas in the shower. (Actually, come to think of it, inspiration strikes mostly when I’m stepping out of … Continue reading

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Day 61 – ADVICE – “Shut Up, Editor – You Don’t Own Me”

You Don't Own Me.The most bewildering advice a writer ever gets is “just write”.

It doesn’t make much sense, on the surface of it. If you’re blocked, then “just writing” is like telling Mother Hubbard to just cook — there’s nothing in the damn cupboard, so the best you can do is cook the damn dog, and that ain’t happening. Continue reading

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