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OTF – Thunder Bay YA Writer Lee Chambers’ Free Book Offer!

Met Thunder Bay author Lee Chambers last week on a talk he was doing about self-publishing to a group of Thunder Bay writers, specifically about his new book, The Pineville Heist. Great talk, though there was a wide range of … Continue reading

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Is Publishing on Kindle Really Self-Publishing?

Kindle has been touted as validation for the self-published author, and for good reason. Now, you can publish your book without fear of rejection (by publishers) or wrangling with editors about where that comma should go – yours really is … Continue reading

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The Other Side of the Publishing Coin…

“If you are going to buy a copy of that book in Canada, it’s damn well coming out of my shop.” said Andrew Steeves, publisher at Gaspereau Press, in The Globe and Mail. And he said that before “that book” went from mere Giller Prize short-lister to actual winner…

The book of course is The Sentimentalists, by Johanna Skibsrud. The media may or may not be playing up how frustrated she is with the publisher, but the fact is that this small press cares a lot about books. Actual, physical, books. So much so that it refuses to abandon its 1,000-per-week, hand-crafted method of printing them in order to play into Giller fever. Continue reading

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