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The Difference Between Published Author and Not

I’m an occasional reader of Chuck Wendig’s blog, Terrible Minds. Although I’ve had him in my blog reader for probably around a year, he really caught my attention last week with an interview with Margaret Atwood. Yes, the Margaret Atwood. I … Continue reading

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Why Publishers Aren’t Obsolete – Day 179

[Please Note: this is Saturday’s post — I’m posting it today though because yesterday got away on me before I could finish it…] Had another productive morning. Got in a short little scene between the two characters that sort of … Continue reading

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Checking In With Amanda Hocking’s Reality – Day 162

The poster-novelist of the epublishing revolution right now is Amanda Hocking. Since she started self-publishing last year (April, I think?), her sales have continued to soar. In December, it was reported she had sold 100,000 copies of her nine published … Continue reading

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