Below are the links included with my grant application package:

Deaf player makes mark for Canada at World Junior Baseball Championships
(The Canadian Press – this version published by the Guelph Mecury, July 26, 2010.)

Local Orthopedic Surgeon Makes Third Trip to Afghanistan to Help Troops (bottom of the page)
(Commissioned by the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation, and printed in the Chronicle-Journal, October 14, 2010.)

Sharp Season
(The Chronicle-Journal, December 8, 2010.)

I have also written hundreds of other articles, as well as the typical writing projects a marketing writer would encounter including press releases, web content, brochures, business proposals, etc. I have been writing professionally since 1995.

You can find more samples of my work at:

You can also browse my blog, which I started at the same time as when I started my novel.

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