And the Novel’s Title Is… Social Grooming for Higher Primates

Social Grooming for Higher PrimatesHey! How are you? How is life?

Seems fitting that the last post I wrote was on “Wordless” Wednesday three and a half years ago. So many times I’ve thought of coming back to this blog. Especially in the last year or so.

Why? Well, because I’ve actually been working on the novel.

And now, I’m actually finished.

To be precise, I’m finished a reading copy and I’m in the process of finding beta readers to give me their impressions. The title is: Social Grooming for Higher Primates. Beyond that, not much is public about it.

The response for beta readers has been tremendous — so good that I’ve now marked it as “oversubscribed” and stopped taking beta reader requests. However, I still want to give readers from this blog who might still be interested after all this time to sign up. Just Contact Me at the new site, and I’ll slide you in.

Which brings me to… the new site! I’ve launched a new author website and blog at — the first blog post is here. I’m am not even going to pretend to be ambitious with this blog — I’ll get to it when I get to it (yeah, like I have to tell you guys). Besides, I think the Golden Age of the blog has passed, no? They’re handy, but the moment Google pulled their reader and there was no longer an easy way to keep yourself updated, it went downhill. It did for me, anyway. Twitter and Facebook seem to be the place to be these days.

I want to take the opportunity to personally thank all of you who are still hanging on after all these years. This blog was first and foremost a way to keep me accountable and keep me writing. What I learned over the years was that I really do love novel writing, and I’d like to keep up with it for years to come. When I started, the kids were smaller and needed more attention — it was difficult to work on the novel after writing all day AND keep up with kids’ activities. At some point, I simply said that I’ll have plenty of time to write when the kids are grown up. Now, we are getting to that point.

One day I’m going to read through these blog posts and remember the struggles I went through. But today, I’m just going to celebrate the new novel. Hope you come along with me to do the same…!

Thanks to you all for being along for the ride. Your support from the very beginning helped get me to where I am today.



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