Day 859 – Sunday, Lovely Sunday

Got a lot a good work in today, getting through most of Part 3. A few tweaks here and there, but mostly I like what I have. Gearing up for the end of Part 3 and then the hardest part of this exercise this month: writing Part 4.

Also took some time today to look for professional freelance editors for a manuscript critique. Seems that will be harder than I had expected. If anybody out there knows of a good editor specializing in “literary” fiction (don’t want to be hoidy-toidy about it, but this book doesn’t really fall under any other genre), please let me know!

Been getting nervous about finishing the book lately. Not because it will be finished, but because it means I’ll have to actually show it to people. Funny, haven’t been nervous about people reading my work in at least 10 years, probably more. Maybe this was part of what has been holding me back? I’m not really worried that it will be shite — it’s my first novel after all. It took Fitzgerald two novels and a boatload of short stories to come up with Gatsby.

No, what I’m worried about is friends reading it, hating it, and either trying to tell me they hated it, or desperately trying to not tell me it.

If it’s not to you taste, please just tell me so — it will make it easier for all of us! Trained professional and all that. I can take it.

And if you love it, well, feel free to option the film rights.


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