Day 854 – Combat Baby

“Combat baby, come back baby. Fight off the lethargy, don’t go quietly, combat baby. Said you would never give up easy. Combat baby, come back.”

Back in the main novel now, with the icky pudding middle now somewhat gelled and some words trimmed (though not enough yet…)

It was a combat, baby. Not just the emotion of cutting all those words (though there was that). Not just the difficulty of essentially compressing the storyline by a whole day (though there was that too). It was really, trying to make sure all the story threads connect again, like connecting all the nerves in a hand transplant. I’m not sure all the extremities are even working 100% yet. At least there won’t be any finger pointing they aren’t.

Officially, this draft is now called Draft 2j, and is sitting at just shy of 83,000 words. Off to Part 3 tomorrow.


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