Day 848 – #NaNoWriMo? Make that #MyNoFiMo!

Did you have a nice Christmas/holidays? A nice New Year’s? Survive the End of the World? Wonderful time in our home, and I actually had some time to spend with the family without nipping down to the office too often. Now though, I’m easing back into work — including work on my novel.

At the risk of sounding unpopular, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that November has to be one of the most ridiculous months to have National Novel Writing Month, or #NaNoWriMo as it is now affectionately called in the Twittersphere. December would hands down be the worst with everything else that is going on: Christmas, kids’ recitals, parties, and the last minute rush to get everything done before Christmas and the New Year. September would be a poor choice too. But after that, is there a worse month than November?

So what, pray tell, would be a good month? July and August would both be fairly good for me – work tends to be slower then. True, there is also the draw to be outside, and family vaca stuck in there somewhere, so those two might be less than ideal. March would a good choice I think.

But in my mind, the absolute best choice is January. (Did you see that one coming?)

Ah, January! Probably the most hated of months. It’s cold, for starters – at least in my corner of the 100 Acre Wood. It also has a weird mixture of guilt and repent with New Year’s Resolutions made and discarded. It’s bleak and white and depressing. But it also tends to be slower work-wise, and there is definitely less incentive to be frolicking outside… every cloud, silver lining, all that.

So that’s why I’ve decided to make it my own Novel Writing Month. Or, more to the point, My Novel Finishing Month – #MyNoFiMo. I hereby declare that by January 31, I will have a completed version of the second draft, no matter what it takes.

Here’s where I’m at to date:

  • 87,189 words (of approximately 100,000)
  • Part 1 (of 4) complete, Part 2 mostly complete, Part 3 in Draft 1 form, Part 4 sketched out in my head, with the ending already written

Here’s what I’m working on next:

  • Cutting huge swaths from Part 2 for word count, then sewing up the bits to (hopefully) make a coherent (and exciting) set of scenes that lead seamlessly into Part 3. I don’t anticipate many changes there, before leading up to Part 4 and the Grand Finale. Yes, one month should do nicely…

So, be prepared for a bit of wine somewhere in the beginning of February in celebration, if you live in the vicinity of my kitchen. I have a special bottle that I’ve put away for the occasion… Then, I’ll be putting the word out for readers shortly after. Stay tuned if you’d like to be on that list.

I’ll be updating this blog daily to keep you posted of my progress, chalk full of word counts and writing notes.

On to some cutting now…


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