A (‘nother) Case For Bookshelves

I’m no Luddite — I see the writing on the wall (or perhaps more aptly, not on the wall…) The physical book is giving way to ebooks. For the most part, there are many advantages (which we all know, so I won’t rehash here…) But there are some disadvantages. Here’s one Malcolm Gladwell came up with, which I really like:

“…it’s so important to have physical books. When I see my bookshelf expanding, it gives me the illusion that my brain is expanding, too.”

BTW, this Jane Mount style of bookshelf illustration is becoming popular all of a sudden — and I love it. She offers a custom painting with five of your favourite books (what writer — or reader for that matter — wouldn’t love that for Christmas?)

Here’s the whole article with the Malcolm Gladwell quote:



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