Where I Am…

…because I obviously haven’t been here in a while. Truth is, I’ve been working days, nights, and weekends lately. I’m risking creative burnout as it is (knock on wood, hasn’t happened yet — deadlines are looming!). Needless to say, little work has been done on the novel.

On paper, at least. I find (and this is interesting, I think) that the story line is never far from my mind. I keep mulling over story points at the weirdest times, like when I’m making school lunches for the boys, taking out the garbage, or even mid-sentence of some work I’m doing.

Maybe it’s not that unusual. My mind often wanders, imagining some bit of whimsy or another. Perhaps what’s unusual is that I’m so often thinking about the novel. Historically, I lose interest in a novel fairly quickly. This is by far the furthest I’ve ever gotten. And I’m still turned on by it.

I take that to be a good sign.


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