OTF – Thunder Bay YA Writer Lee Chambers’ Free Book Offer!

The Pineville Heist by Lee ChambersMet Thunder Bay author Lee Chambers last week on a talk he was doing about self-publishing to a group of Thunder Bay writers, specifically about his new book, The Pineville Heist. Great talk, though there was a wide range of people attending — it’s hard to have a talk about social media marketing when not everyone is 100% sure of the difference between Twitter and Facebook. Still, it was nice to see someone who is making a go of self-publishing from right here in Thunder Bay.

(He’s even making a movie of his book starring one of the actors from the Twilight series — kind of exciting in itself!)

Today and tomorrow he’s giving the Kindle version of his book away for free from Amazon. I haven’t read it myself (peeked at the first few pages after I downloaded it) but if you’re into YA literature or if can spare 30 seconds of your time to support an up-and-coming author by downloading his book, please do so! (I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a couple of reviews either…)

Download it here:


(Note: I’m not receiving any promotional consideration or percentage from his book sales. Just trying to help a fellow author out!)

Since you asked… my own novel was still in neutral last week, though I anticipate some time this week to write. Fingers crossed!


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