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Fellow Thunder Bay-area writer Marion Agnew had an interesting take on the writing process, comparing it to composing a photograph. Like making sure the right light is shining on your characters, keeping them in sharp focus, and considering point of view. Love it. I’ll add as well that it’s important to frame your photo just so…

Here’s her whole post – short, sweet, and it will make you think:


In related news, another writer friend of mine (and friend of the blog) Duncan Weller is in Ghana, taking some photos of his own. The main reason he’s there though is to research an upcoming children’s book of his, Tiger Dream. And he’s blogging about it:


In other writing news: all quiet on the novel front for the last couple of days. Got up at 5:30 this morning (that’s in the A.M. — I know, I was confused too) for some strange reason, so I wandered down to my office. Got more than a full day’s work in — the white board is a little whiter, but somehow I managed to pick up a few projects today. Not that I’m complaining. But my novel might be…


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