Cruising on a Sunday Afternoon – Day 552

Wrote two days in a row — woo hoo! Recently I’ve been doing what amounts to a third-draft pass of the early chapters. Same theory as before — finalize the beginning so that I can have a better handle on the end. I’ve now reached the first plot point where the penny drops to change everything. So far, I like it.

It does have me wondering if anyone else will like the story though. I don’t mean for that to sound like a lack of confidence. I like it, so it’s not like I’m down on myself. I guess I really am starting to hope that somebody else likes it. And hope that I’m doing this novel writing thing the right way.

Another thing I should mention: the fourth section is likely going to be a lot shorter than I initially planned, and for several reasons. The good news is that I should be able to actually get a reading copy finished faster. No firm deadline — I’ve burned myself too many times to try that again. But I have a better idea of the ending now, and I can actually see the end…

Lastly, hit a fairly big milestone: 200 hours working on the novel. Would be a much better accomplishment (in my mind) if it didn’t take 552 days to get here. Ah well.


Novel Writing Totals

Today: 1.5 hours
Total: 200.5 hours

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