Wordless Wednesdays: YMAL, y’all!

Choke YMAL

When I wrote about the YMAL concept (You May Also Like…) and pigeonholing your own book, I was flummoxed that I could no longer find the term “You May Also Like…” on Amazon et al. I figured that (a) either I’d heard a similar term and flubbed it to make it my own or (b) I was going crazy and it never existed in the first place.

Both relieved (for my sanity) and disappointed (for my ego) to find that YMAL is alive and well in the wild. This little chit was attached to my bill when I bought this book at Barnes and Noble during a US sojourn this past weekend…

I’m not sure that it’s worth putting the author’s own books as YMALs — even as a selling strategy for the bookstore, you have to think that people are already likely to buy that author’s other books, and therefore pushing other authors the reader may not know would be the better approach.

Anyway, I’m already past my word count for this “wordless wednesday” post, so…


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