OTF: On Literal S&M

The Sleeping GiantI feel tortured.

And torturous, because who but myself do I have to blame for not writing in over a month? Sure, you could blame the Fates (and I do, as regular readers know all too well). Yes, they played their role, but you can’t control what the Fates bring you. However you can control what you do with it afterward.

I want some solid time to work on my novel. While we’re at it, I’d also like an island in the Caribbean, season’s tickets to the Bruins, and a vineyard in California (or at least an unlimited pass to the tasting room and panoramic-view deck).

I want all this, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon. What I need to do is just decide that in order to get this novel done, I’m going to need to steal time wherever I can. Maybe 10 minutes here, 100 words there, skip a bit of sleep or push myself that extra little bit to get something down on the page.

100 words. That’s my goal for today.



Got 41 solid minutes in. Not really writing, but editing/rewriting over a fairly large area so hard to pinpoint exact words. But over 100, fer sure. I win! ~gs

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