Random Thought: Curling Up with a Good Book

It occurred to me while reading Joan Baril’s latest post that part of “curling up with a good book” is the actual, physical book part.

“Or perhaps I had joined those of my friends who wanted a book in the hand, the feel of the page, the piece of paper bookmark, the heft, the book lying upside-down beside my chair, an invitation to loll and read.”

…she writes. I don’t think she’s alone — in fact I know she’s not. I’ll add that every book feels different both in weight and touch, each book smells different, has a different aura.

Not so with ebooks.

eBooks are the wave of the future, and I’m not disputing that. Portability, price, and ease of use are all important, and will ultimately win out. But like pulling a record out of the sleeve and reading the liner notes or slipping the stick from fifth to third as you gun it in the passing lane, there’s something lost in the experience.


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