Day 425 – I’m In Love…

As I mentioned in my last writing update, I was a little confused as to whether or not to leave a certain scene in. Well, I decided to take it out and replace it with one that would be better suited for the story. So I sat down this morning with that goal in mind, to start bending what came before to align with this new scene, and maybe even write the scene itself.

But then I started reading from the top. Actually, it started because I came up with a new opening line — we all know how important that first line is — and I wanted to jot it down before I lost it. (When you read it, you’ll see the new first line isn’t exactly earth-shattering, but I think it works perfectly for the story in its own little way.)

Anyway, I ended up spending my time tweaking the first chapter, and came to find that I love it. That’s a nice realization, isn’t it? Of course, I’ve been at this game a little while and I know that loving what you wrote is almost a red flag that something is seriously, seriously wrong. I don’t think that’s true in this case (another red flag), and I know that once I start getting feedback, parts of it will likely change (this is not a red flag, but a sign of a healthy, well-balanced writer… still applies to me as well though.)

Another productive writing session this morning!


Novel Writing Totals

Hours Today: 1
Hours Total: 51.25

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