Swamped with Words This Friday

All quiet on the writing front — though the guns are going to unleash this Friday (huh? that’s tomorrow already?)

Yes, I’ve slotted myself in for the Swamped with Words Swamptoberfest for six hours or so. It will be the longest I’ve worked on my novel at one stretch — and I’m looking forward to it. (UPDATE: You can follow the Swamped with Words, erm, twitter Friday night on Twitter by following the #swamptoberfest hashtag… I’ve also added it here below.)

Things have been moving very slowly with my novel as of late. It’s never far from my mind, but time has had a way of slipping away from me every day. Even my weekends are taken up with work that just needs done, shutting down the yard for winter, or me just shutting down period. Time to schedule a chunk of hours to get back at it!

On a side note: very sad to hear about Steve Jobs yesterday. There are so many people who get tagged with the word “visionary” in their obits to the point that its cliché. But there are few in the history of man I think who have had so much impact on the way we live today. When you look at the direction the world is going in now with the Computer/Information Age and the role that Jobs play, I think he’ll be remembered as an Alexander Graham Bell or maybe even a Ben Franklin. That’s saying something.


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