OTF: Eagles are a Good Omen, Right?

It’s official – we’ve got eagles! What I can only assume to be a nesting pair flew over my car into the bush behind our house as I got home from an early meeting this morning. I take that to be a good omen. At the very least, I hope they scare off the nesting pair of pigeons in the barn. (Isn’t it weird how we’ll take one species of bird, but not another?)

I also hope it’s a good omen for me, because boy is my whiteboard blue. I counted – I officially had 16 open articles for one project of mine. I managed to finalize seven of those this morning, but gained one (or possibly two) more since then. Then there are my other clients…

In any case, just a quick note to say that I know that you know that I have not been working on my novel lately. And to make sure you know that I really, really miss it. Once a few more things are wiped off, I’ll be back at it…


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