Unsnagging the Line – Day 328

I didn’t get Part 2 done on the weekend for various reasons, one of which was the fact that two plot lines got hopelessly tangled. For one line, I needed a certain event to happen now. For another plot line, I needed that same event to happen later. How do you solve that problem?

At first, I just sat back and tried to think about the situation to see what could “organically” come out of the situation. That didn’t get me very far, so what I did next was skim some passages in books describing similar situations to what I was trying to do. Not to steal ideas (no, really) but to try to get a sense of pacing and resolution in this particular scene.

I’m happy to say it worked — and the answer had nothing really to do with the passages I read. I’m not sure what the “magical” formula was. Maybe it was like dreaming, but instead of falling asleep with the plot question in mind, you read other stories and the answer comes to you.

In any case, it was a simple, elegant solution that heightened the tension at the moment, allowed me to delay the event from happening right off, and actually helped control the pacing too.

In short, I am very happy with it.

No writing last night either, and possibly not tonight — work is starting to pile up again and the family’s just home. Despite the resulting lack of facetime with my novel, yay for both!


Novel Writing Totals

Day: 2
Total Hours: 157.5

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