What’s the First Rule of Mime Club? – Day 308

The Internet can be a humbling thing. You come up with a great line, just to find out that 17 other bozos have come up with it already.

Like the title of this post. First rule of Mime Club — Don’t talk about Mime Club.

Second rule of Mime Club — DON’T TALK ABOUT MIME CLUB!

Not bad, right? (I dunno, it made me laugh. Full disclosure: it was triggered by a line on Wipeout, so I can’t even claim 100% that I came up with it on my own…)

Google it though, and it’s quickly apparent that it’s not exactly a phrase where no man has gone before. In fact, there is actually a Mime Club Facebook page, though sadly they don’t mention the joke.

They say that there is no such thing as an original idea anymore. Now with the Internet, there’s proof.

In any case, got some more words in tonight. Nothing earth-shattering, but I’m massaging a scene and it’s coming along pretty nicely I think. I’m not quite sure how it will fit into the whole story — it’s actually a little bit of a side road to build up tension for the main story (which I’ve got to crank up a little — note to self), taking the opportunity to pursue some sub-plots and characterization.

And no, there aren’t any mime clubs involved.


Novel Writing Totals

Hour Today: 1
Total Hours: 152.5

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