Put Those Grammarians to Work on Your Book – Day 313

There is a certain sect of society that has nothing better to do that scoff at your poor spelling, jump on every grammar mistake, and generally get worked up about even the slightest comma transgression.

I know because I’m one of them.

As I understand it, authors aren’t immune from getting these comments either, and they’ll even get “fan” letters telling them about typos in their books. (I haven’t gone that far. I almost did once, but was able to restrain myself.)

But rather than ostrich yourself from this kind of nit-picking, why don’t writers embrace it? Here’s what I’m going to do — when my book is published, either in print or otherwise, I’m going to have a nice big button that says “Report a Typo” on the book’s website. You know, like the newspapers have. That way, I can have a collection of fixes for the next edition.

The best part is, it gives us edgy, pedantic grammarians a way to work off their nervous energy. Everybody wins!


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