Life – Don’t Talk to Me About Life – Day 293

This weekend was supposed to be about catching up — and it was. Unfortunately, there was just too many areas that needed catching up… Finally got some (not all) of the lawn cut, which has been weighing on me. Also, had some family commitments and another big event this weekend. Which all added up to writing going back on the back burner.

What is it about putting writing last? I mean, sometimes it is unavoidable. If you’re kid has to go to the hospital, you can’t say “not now, I’m busy writing so just bleed quietly in the corner — NOT ON THE RUG! — and I’ll get you there when I can…”

Seems no matter what choice I make, there is going to be guilt around it. If I get some good time in on my novel, the grass will be too high. If I cut the grass, the fence doesn’t get built. If I build the fence, the shower keeps leaking… it just never ends.

And I’ll tell you, it’s stressing. Me. Out.

That end-of-summer deadline is looming large, and I’m still working on the end for Part One. It’s getting there, but slowly. What’s a writer/provider/father/husband/gardener/plumber to do?

If I ever find the answer, I’ll let you know.


Novel Writing Hours

Today: 0.5
Total: 140.25

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