Vertical Movie in the Works(?) and Bucket List Updated – Day 218

At the risk of repeating myself — been busy, so no work done on the novel. To cap things off today, my User Profile decided to corrupt itself somehow, so certain programs won’t open up. I’m trying to fix it as we speak.

I decided that it’s been too long away though (actually, someone emailed me this evening just as I was planning an update to the Bucket List to see what I’ve been up to lately — I really appreciated that…) so here are a few words just so you know I’m still alive and (desperately) trying to get some words on page.

A couple of news items:

The aforementioned Bucket List has been updated — you can see it here. We’re up to 71 items, folks!

Rex Pickett has intimated that Vertical, the sequel to Sideways, may also be headed to the silver screen. He’s sketchy on the details, though it sounds promising.

See more here:

Hope all’s well in your neck of the woods. I’ll be in touch.


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