Getting Ready to Go Vertical – Day 204

Tomorrow (or today, depending on when you read this), Rex Pickett’s Vertical should be available in hardcover. I’m not sure it is the signed hardcover they mentioned at first, but I’m hoping…

Besides the fact I’m looking forward to reading the further adventures of Miles and Jack (I’ve danced around the edges of some reviews, all positive that I’ve seen so far), I think it will be another nice addition to my growing collection of “New Age of Publishing” first editions. As I’ve mentioned in these pages, Vertical is interesting from a publishing standpoint because Rex Pickett teamed up with a partner to form Loose Gravel Press. I’m not sure if that qualifies it as “self-imprint” but I’m thinking it probably does.

Loose Gravel Press is also accepting submissions, which I may consider pursuing when I’m finished writing. Although my novel has a definite Canadian slant that may not exactly excite an LA/Atlanta publishing house, a lot of the book will take place in the US. Besides, I think mine would be listed as a Sideways/Vertical “you may also be interested in…” (YMABII…, to coin an acronym).

In any case, I have miles to go before that happens (no pun intended — but I did consciously decide to leave it in when I noticed “Miles”).

Speaking of writing, I had a good session today, though it was a quality writing, not quantity. I’m trying to wrestle a 4,000-word scene down to something more presentable. I’ve started by slashing some parts. Also, I need to rewrite to give it a bit more tension. Luckily, I came up with a decent idea to achieve just that (while in the shower, of course…) I actually didn’t quite get to it tonight. Perhaps tomorrow.


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