Terry Fallis Wins Canada Reads 2011 – Day 156

Big congrats to Terry Fallis for winning the 2011 Canada Reads for his book, The Best Laid Plans!

As I’ve mentioned in this blog before, Terry is a big part of the reason why (a) I started writing my novel in the first place and (b) decided to blog about it. He came and did a workshop at the Sleeping Giant Writers’ Festival last summer here in Thunder Bay. I got to chat with him a bit (not nearly enough) and he’s been known to drop by this blog from time to time. (I hope he still returns my calls now that he’s really hit the big time…!)

I’m just reading the sequel called The High Road as you’ll notice from my Goodreads bookshelf on the right. I haven’t gotten too far into it yet, but so far I’m liking it. His style seems to be a little looser in this one, and seems to be exploring new territory with his voice. I guess that’s bound to come with the confidence you get after you win the Stephen Leacock Award for your first book. He’s said on his blog that he’s writing his third book right now — I can just imagine how loose he’ll be with two major awards now. Can’t wait until it’s out.

Had a little time to dabble with my own novel today, but not nearly enough. Still busy with work — don’t it make my white board blue… I’ve blocked out time this weekend though, and may have time in the next couple of days.


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