Saturday Morning’s Alright for Writin’ – Day 152

Had a fairly good session this morning, finishing the first chapter and writing/revising the first scene of the second. My scenes are looking a little long though, and when I try to decide what needs to be cut out, nothing immediately jumps out at me. I’d like to think that I’ll make it up with shorter scenes later, but I know myself — that is not likely going to happen.

So, as they say in the airplane-landing-on-a-boat-in-the-ocean biz, I’m coming in hot. And it’s still early going.

On the positive side, I like what I’m writing. (All this worrying about being too wordy sounds more like a third-draft concern anyway.)

Big news, if you haven’t heard. I had a guest post on Men with Pens yesterday, and it looks like it was very well received! I’ve been “email friends” with James for a few years now, and when I had an idea for the topic, James was the first person I thought of. It was very exciting for me, and a big thanks goes out to James for accepting it.

Check it out, if you haven’t already:

I’m looking forward to another strong session of revisions tomorrow morning, so until then…


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