Fighting the Fear – Day 160

Just a quick post here. Got some writing in today, which was a good thing because I’ll be swamped for the next week (or more). On the one hand, things are really coming together story-wise, though I do see some things already I’ll need to tweak in the third draft. For one, I think I need to add more descriptors — too much of the story is happening in a void.

That’s okay though. I’ve been trying hard not to be too wordy, so if anything, adding more words in to fill out the dialogue is not a bad thing, all in all.

However on the other hand, I did get the Fear today, reading over some of my second draft. That niggling feeling that maybe, just maybe, it’s all junk. Funny, we go out to write the great Canadian (American, British) novel, and we struggle with thinking it’s perhaps the worst thing ever written.

Here’s what I did today: I ignored it. Pushed it all down. It’s not going to do any good to worry about it yet. I have two chances in what, 134 million books to have either the best book or the worst book ever written? The reality probably is that some people will like it, some people won’t. But right now, thinking about that will actually tip the scales to the “won’t” side. If you’re that committed to writing the best book you can, the only logical solution is to not to think about it, I reckon.

I’ll be posting when I can through the week.


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