Day 133 – Monday, Monday

Tried to get into it today, but for the most part, couldn’t. (See?)

I did write up an entry for a post over at Larry Brooks’ website, which I think went well. You had to list an inspiring song lyric and then write a story intro based on those lyrics. (Mine runs a little long maybe, but then that’s no surprise if you know me.)

Check it out, and put your own entry in as well, if you’re so inclined. Great, creative fun!

Novel-wise: as I say, the writing wasn’t great today. Got some words down, but mostly I’m not happy with them. But I did come up with a few more outline ideas — it’s amazing how many new layers keep heaping themselves on! I’m finding that this on-the-fly outline is at the very least proving to be a great way to organize my notes.

Anyway, until tomorrow,


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