Welcome Old Blog Readers to the New Blog!

If you were a follower of my old blog and found an update today for this new one, I’d like to welcome you!

I must say, I wrestled with the idea of transferring blog feeds for many reasons, not least of which I did not want to take advantage of the trust you put in me. Redirects can be a shady business, and I’m very conscious of that fact. This blog is different from the one that you first subscribed to, but it is still me. I assure you, nothing shady is going on here…!

Ultimately though, I changed the feed because I felt that if you subscribed the first time, you may be interested in what I’m up to now. But if for any reason you feel you want to unsubscribe from this new one, then please go ahead — no hard feelings. I truly hope you stick around though.

So what’s this blog about? The short version is that I’m writing a novel and blogging about it. The long version is… well, go ahead and poke around some posts and the About page. You’ll get a good handle of what’s up soon enough.


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