Day 68 – Home for a Rest

Great progress today – I nailed a pretty key scene that most definitely will be in the final version in some way or another. I’m not going to let on too much about it, but my last two posts heavily influenced this scene. It also makes for a key turning point in the story and in one of the themes of the book.

Perhaps most telling is the fact that I worked out my own feelings on the subject. Writers typically see both sides of the story, which is good for what we do. But in life, that can lead to wishy-washiness. How can you choose one option when you empathize with both positions?

Call it sitting on the fence if you like. But you know what? You two built the fence, and didn’t ask me about it, did you? So I’ll stand – or sit – where I please, thank you very much. And try to stay out of it altogether.

(…aaaand scene.)

Anyway, great writing this morning, which is a welcome relief. Haven’t gotten a lot in lately, due to one thing or another. It felt good to get into it again.


(Novel Writing Totals)

Hours Today: .1
Words Today: 1,607
Hours Total: 51.50
Words Total: 69,083

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