Days 35/36 – What’s the Frequency Kenneth?

Yes, wrote yesterday and today, but only time for a blog post today, and a quick one at that. Very busy work wise — I’ll be sliding in my hour between late nights for the next few days.

In the novel, things are slowing down in some ways, and speeding up in others. I’m really getting into the “groove” of the Voice now, but I’m not sure the storyline is all that hot. I haven’t been worried about it really before now, but I’m starting to worry that things are too… flat. Plot wise, anyway. There hasn’t been a lot of tension between the two main characters, and things have sort have been drifting from one high to another. That makes for a great in life, but it doesn’t make for interesting storytelling.

I’ve peeked a bit at the writing, just to confirm or allay my fears. I like the writing, though I didn’t read enough of it to see how the story is progressing. I want to say that I’ll fix all that in the second draft, but my doubts are creeping in. Doubts that anything I’m writing is any good. I know this is normal, and that every writer goes through bouts of self-doubt, wondering if what they have is publishable.

I also know that there are a lot of unpublished authors out there…

Hey, let me wallow a little bit in self-doubt. I’ve held on this long — I deserve it. Let me get it out of my system and catch that mania once again.

At least I’m still putting my daily hour in. Until doubt affects that, there’s nothing to worry about.



(Novel Writing Totals)

Hours Today: 1
Words Today: 1,321
Hours Total: 35.5
Words Total: 49,164

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