Day 54 – Where is My Mind?

Punched out just over a thousand more words today, but trying to figure out how to track someone on a BlackBerry. Does anyone out there know? Is there like an app that makes your location available to someone else, so they can find you? I thought Facebook was doing something like this — and maybe I saw something on a Roger’s commercial? Anyway, I did quick research because I didn’t want to waste too much time surfing for new info. I’ll look more, but if anyone out there has an answer for me, please comment below or contact me privately — thanks!

Was cleaning away the debris this afternoon from a tree that crashed through our power/phone/Internet lines the other day, and came across a great little snippet of a scene. It was beautiful actually, and fit exactly in the point of the story I was at. Very serendipitous.

The characters are progressing nicely now. However the two main ones are beginning (or always have) to sound alike. Not surprising, I suppose. And not all bad either — I think it will work well to have them clicking like that through dialogue. It will help the story. But at the same time, I think I need to mix it up in other places — maybe even most places. (a) it would be confusing if they are the same person throughout. And (b) characters should be different, right? I don’t know of any story where the two main characters were very close to each other. Except maybe the Hardy Boys. (Joe was the singer, but Frank always got the girl. In the TV series anyway.)

Sideline: saw an interview of Hunter S. Thompson by Peter Gzowski. A TV interview — I didn’t even know that Pete had done those… Thompson was whacked out on something. At least, I hope he was. He was definitely gone-zo. Interesting though — taped at a time when everyone still chain-smoked through interviews. I remember a time when banks had little ashtrays on top of the standards that held the velvet ropes to keep everyone in line. My, how times have changed.

Another interesting thing is how much like Hunter S. Thompson Johnny Depp is during his own interviews (though perhaps with a little more lucidity). Like Depp planned it that way. Here Depp is on Letterman – he even sounds like him.

Anyway, it’s getting late. Time to clock out.


(Novel Writing Totals)

Hours Today: 1
Words Today: 1,165
Hours Total: 44.25
Words Total: 59,947

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