Day 41 – Switching to Glide

I’ve been a bad boy.

Well, perhaps not *bad* bad. I really have very good reasons for writing only a couple of hundred words on Friday and absolutely nothing yesterday. Suffice to say, life has been busy. The wee’un’s out of the hospital, but not out of the woods. And my whiteboard is still blue and green and black.

Adding to the chaos is the fact that I’m drifting now in the story. I was tempted to start over – that is to say, start the second draft. I have a much firmer idea of the story arch now, but I don’t think I have it all down. Besides, if I abandon the first draft now to start the second, I’ll still be stuck at this same point in a month or so.

So now, I’m pushing through it. Got my full hour in today, and tried to bend the story again, so I’m on track again somewhat. Not quite sure where the track is leading to, or where it ends, but at least I’m chugging along.


(Novel Writing Totals)

Hours Today: 1
Words Today: 1,655
Hours Total: 38
Words Total: 52,252

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