Day 6 – On the Road Again

Very introspective little scene today. I think that most books are at their best when it is two or more characters sort of bumping heads. One wants this thing, and the other wants another thing, and somehow they have to jostle by each other to get what they want. Today though, it was like the jostling came from two same-pole magnets. My two main characters didn’t so much bump into each other as get driven apart from each other. That might be interesting on its own — what happens when two people can’t, for some reason, work out their differences together in a scene, even though that tension is there?

I talked with Duncan Weller for a bit this afternoon, discussing novel approaches. For those who don’t know, Duncan is in the midst of completing his own Young Adult novel, so is a great resource for that sort of thing. (I won’t give it all away here — you can read his website to find out about it.)

Duncan hadn’t at this point read this blog at all, but he was very much pushing me to do what I’m already doing — just writing it all down in one go to get the story structure, and worrying about fixing things later. We talked about the fact that there were many different approaches. During one of my previous attempts, I wrote extensive character sketches, going so far as to write short stories centred on each of the main characters. I still have that binder somewhere — I should dig it out.

However I’m clearly writing this novel differently than that one, and perhaps with better success (I don’t know for sure, but I’m pretty certain I’ve already surpassed the word count of that novel). In any case, it is somewhat comforting to have Duncan echo my strategy.

Duncan also put me onto Tom Wolfe’s “The New Journalism”, which I plan to check out. It sounds very much like the approach I was going to take with this novel (and might still do) so it is worth reading, I think, at this point of my progress. Of course I’m reading about four books right now, so I’ll have to squeeze it in somehow…!

Landed in Toronto today in the story. Had to do a bit of research on the fly; hence the smaller word count today. However, happy to get my hour completed a bit earlier, but anticipating late nights in the week to come, given my busy work schedule coming up this week.

Novel Writing Totals

Hours Today: 1
Words Today: 1,198
Hours Total: 6
Words Total: 9,029

(Averaging 1,500 words per day over six days — not bad…!)


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