Day 4 – The Apartment Song

Tom Petty - The Apartment SongAnother bit of a struggle today, though again not affecting my output. Developed a bit more of the main character while the “second” main character spent most of the time sitting on a couch in an apartment, where today’s scene took place.

I’ve been concentrating on ensuring there is plenty of dialogue — that’s one of the main points that Miriam Toews mentioned in her workshop. Too much narrative, not enough dialogue kills a story. However I’m suspecting that I am leaving out too much information by not narrating enough. I went back today as I did yesterday to fill in some character and setting details in previous paragraphs as they came to me. My first instinct was to keep writing and fill in those holes later, but I’ve decided that throwing in those tidbits now is fairly quick and will save me time and flow later. Besides, it doesn’t seem to be disrupting the direction of the book so far, so why not just go forward.

I think I’ll go back and read some Great Gatsby and get a feel for the balance there. Can’t go wrong looking at Fitzgerald.

Bit of a tricky scene today, but I think I’ve laid a good groundwork. Tomorrow the story starts really moving forward, I think…

(Novel Writing Totals)

Hours Today: 1
Words Today: 1,776
Hours Total: 4
Words Total: 6,442


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