Day 23 – Our Italian Restaurant

Billy Joel is the StrangerThe Voice (I’m going to start capitalizing it here) is back, and this time I think for good. However, I still need to fashion it somewhat. It is raw — definitely in a good way — and I’m just going to let it run with the hook for a little while before I start to reel it in.

Again, not expecting a lot of tonight’s work to make the final cut, but I am really enjoying the groove I’m in, so what the hell. I’m also getting a better sense of the characters, and I’ve developed a number of “hooks” that just keep coming out of the blue as I go along. So I think I’ll wander this path a little bit longer…

One thing that is looming is an end to my vague idea of a storyline. I’m not complaining — it’s lasted me this long. But if the story stalls, then so too might my exploration and development of the Voice. I finished a scene today and just — just — started a new one before the timer went off. It’s a new day in the story, and one that is largely unknown — certainly in this writer’s mind. We shall see where it goes.


(Novel Writing Totals)

Hours Today: 1
Words Today: 1,483
Hours Total: 23
Words Total: 33,623

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