Day 17 – Combat Baby

Fighting a little lull — I was on such a high from yesterday’s revelations, and was jotting down notes all day (notes aren’t cheating, btw. In fact they’re encouraged — I’ve lost too many ideas over the years that were never written down…) and was excited to jump back into it tonight. However, a combination of tiredness and that creative energy burning itself off somewhat throughout the day has left me a little flat.

Still, got some words down, and made more headway with story and characterization, though frankly most of the advances I made in those are in my notes as I was bombarded with ideas all day. It’s exciting — writers talk about storylines and characters taking on lives of their own, and it’s happening here. I mean, I’ve felt it before sort of — there’s nothing like the feeling of a piece you’ve been working on just fall together. Some people compare it to a puzzle, but for me it’s more of a dynamic thing like an engine. It doesn’t just look good when you’re done — it works.

Anyway, that’s kind of how I’m feeling here, and I’m glad it’s happening so soon in this process. More and more of the stuff I’m writing now I think will be in the final version, though I still have a ways to go in development. Luckily, I have all the time in the world…


(Novel Writing Totals)

Hours Today: 1
Words Today: 1,358
Hours Total: 17
Words Total: 24,645

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