Day 12 – You’ve Got Mail

Another long narrative passage, though I did get a nice bit of dialogue in that I’m pretty sure will be in the final version pretty much intact. That’s saying something — a lot of this is really just laying down a foundation to build up the story afterwards. I’m developing characters, plot, and themes as I go, so I’m expecting that 99% of what I write right now will be extensively reworked.

It’s kind of freeing to do it this way. As I mentioned right from the start, one big concern of mine was editing too much as I go. I can easily get bogged down tweaking little things that could, ultimately, be axed altogether. It’s that perfectionist streak in me, I think. But the thing is, I start looking too closely at something, and I could get too crazy making sure everything is perfect.

I’ll have to face that eventually, I know. But for now, I’m happy to just get it down.


(Novel Writing Totals)

Hours Today: 1
Words Today: 1,679
Hours Total: 12
Words Total: 17,864

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