Day 1 Report

There’s something about starting a new project on the first day of school. I must admit, I was happy to get out of high school and into university — I thrived on chaos rather than structure. (Today, I kind of need structure to get it all to come together. Chaos in some things is still my preference…)

But there is a newness to the first day of school that I miss. In fact, it seems more of a new start than the artificial “New Year’s Day”. They could change it I suppose so that it would feel more real. But then you’d have a bunch of hungover parents getting their children ready for their first day of school, and that wouldn’t be a help to anyone.

Anyway, got my hour in relatively early today. I already had these early-goings developing in my head, so it went quite well. I stopped in mid-sentence when the alarm went off — perfect so I can pick up in full stride tomorrow. Mark down Day 1 as a success!

Novel Writing Totals:

Hours today: 1
Words today: 1,410


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